Update 2

The second update is here!

If you are using the itch.io app, updates should be applied automatically. If you are using your browser, you have to redownload the game.

This week's update is a small one, because I am preparing a big update for next week!

Gladiator Arena

The gladiator arena is back in game. The gamemode is pretty much the
same as in AW2, but it is less buggy and looking a bit better.

Custom Unit Creator

The custom unit creator is back, too. It is much better now and you can create as many units as you would like to. Your units can be used in custom battles and if you share a battle with your custom unit, the unit will be exported, so that everyone can play the battle.

Fixed AI bugs

There were a few problems with the modern AI in some cases. They should now finally work correctly and always find a new target if a unit is in range.

Next Update

  • Vehices
  • First person shooter aim
  • Weapon attachments
  • Airstrikes

More information about the next update can be found here:



ancient-warfare-3-linux-universal.zip 143 MB
Version 3 Aug 11, 2017
ancient-warfare-3-osx-universal.zip 140 MB
Version 3 Aug 11, 2017
ancient-warfare-3-windows-32bit.zip 123 MB
Version 3 Aug 11, 2017
ancient-warfare-3-windows-64bit.zip 125 MB
Version 3 Aug 11, 2017
ancient-warfare-3-linux-universal-demo.zip 143 MB
Version 2 Aug 11, 2017
ancient-warfare-3-osx-universal-demo.zip 140 MB
Version 2 Aug 11, 2017
ancient-warfare-3-windows-32bit-demo.zip 123 MB
Version 2 Aug 11, 2017
ancient-warfare-3-windows-64bit-demo.zip 125 MB
Version 2 Aug 11, 2017


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this is worth it!!!