Update 13

The 13th update is here!

If you are using the itch.io app, updates should be applied automatically. If you are using your browser, you have to redownload the game.

More destructable objects!

The following objects can now be destroyed. (Please note that most of them have much health)

  • Concrete barricades
  • Wood logs
  • Wood signs
  • Small wood cabin
  • Small stone cabins
  • Wood fence & entry
  • Barrels
  • Crates
  • Windmill

Level Bundles

The level bundle functionality is now in game and the custom bundle creator will be added in the next update.

There are no level bundles available at the moment, but I will add a test bundle soon.

Other improvements and fixes

  • Custom units can now be used in the demo version
  • Fixed missing icons for zombies and zombie spawners
  • Fixed a bug that caused zombies to be allied units
  • Fixed a bug that stopped the game from closing

Note: Updates are now biweekly to improve the stability of the game, because the steam release isn't far away.


ancient-warfare-3-windows-64bit.zip 125 MB
Version 17 Nov 04, 2017
ancient-warfare-3-windows-32bit.zip 123 MB
Version 17 Nov 04, 2017
ancient-warfare-3-osx-universal.zip 140 MB
Version 17 Nov 04, 2017
ancient-warfare-3-linux-universal.zip 143 MB
Version 18 Nov 04, 2017
ancient-warfare-3-windows-64bit-demo.zip 125 MB
Version 17 Nov 04, 2017
ancient-warfare-3-windows-32bit-demo.zip 123 MB
Version 17 Nov 04, 2017
ancient-warfare-3-osx-universal-demo.zip 140 MB
Version 17 Nov 04, 2017
ancient-warfare-3-linux-universal-demo.zip 143 MB
Version 17 Nov 04, 2017


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