Update 12

The 12th update is here!

If you are using the itch.io app, updates should be applied
automatically. If you are using your browser, you have to redownload the

New zombies, zombie spawners, level bundles, custom level bundles and more...

New zombies

There are now light and heavy armored zombies in game and there will be more kind of zombies in future updates

Zombie spawner

As requested, I've added a zombie spawner to the game. It will work like the default unit spawner, but you can only spawn zombie units.

Level Bundles

The level bundles are still not working, because I had many things to do to allow custom level bundles. There will be another update at the beginning of next week, which will add the level bundle functionality.

User made level bundles

In the next update there will be a small program which will help you to create your own level bundles. More about that will be in the next devblog.

Improved save system

The save system has been heavily improved! There are less bugs and problems between different operating systems and .net versions. Old save files should be compatible with the new version. However, if you have any problems with one of your save games, you can send me an email(janniknickel.info@gmail.com) with the file and I will fix it for you.

Other improvements

  • You can now create custom units in the demo version
  • Fixed a battle loading crash on the demo versions


ancient-warfare-3-windows-64bit.zip 125 MB
Version 16 85 days ago
ancient-warfare-3-windows-32bit.zip 123 MB
Version 16 85 days ago
ancient-warfare-3-osx-universal.zip 140 MB
Version 16 85 days ago
ancient-warfare-3-linux-universal.zip 143 MB
Version 17 85 days ago
ancient-warfare-3-windows-64bit-demo.zip 125 MB
Version 16 85 days ago
ancient-warfare-3-windows-32bit-demo.zip 123 MB
Version 16 85 days ago
ancient-warfare-3-osx-universal-demo.zip 140 MB
Version 16 85 days ago
ancient-warfare-3-linux-universal-demo.zip 143 MB
Version 16 85 days ago

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