Update 11

The 11th update is here!

If you are using the itch.io app, updates should be applied
automatically. If you are using your browser, you have to redownload the

Night vision

No matter if you control a player or spectate a battle, you can now use night vision if you press "K". (The key can be changed in the settings)

Maybe there will be some more views, like thermal view, in the future. If you experience any issues with the night vision, please write it in the comments with the following system information(if you know them): OS, GPU, Graphics API.

Unit spawner improvements

It was quite difficult to find the units you wanted to spawn. Now you can see the unit name if you hover over a unit icon and you can search units with new filter. Unit Spawners are now available in the demo versions!

Other improvements

  • Fixed a bug that caused animations to stuck after an attack
  • Custom units didn't die correctly and continued to attack the player
  • Guard tower destruction wasn't working
  • Fixed a performance problem after towers were being destroyed
  • Increased the guard tower performance
    • They are now doing precalculations like all other towers

Level bundles

The level bundle functionality is nearly finished. There are more options for the level bundles. For instance: You can only choose equipment from one or two eras. Now I will do some more bug fixing, so that the level bundles can go live in the next update.

Some of you asked if they can create custom bundles. At the moment that would be very difficult, because the save system is being changed very often at the moment. But there will be a tool for windows which will allow you to create your own bundles in the future.

Direct X9

Direct X9 will be removed in the future(December '17), because the UnityEngine will drop the support in the next version.

I thought about continue with an older version of unity, but there are some really big features planned for Unity in 2018, which will allow much larger battles in Ancient Warfare 3.


ancient-warfare-3-windows-64bit.zip 125 MB
Version 15 Oct 21, 2017
ancient-warfare-3-windows-32bit.zip 123 MB
Version 15 Oct 21, 2017
ancient-warfare-3-osx-universal.zip 140 MB
Version 15 Oct 21, 2017
ancient-warfare-3-linux-universal.zip 143 MB
Version 16 Oct 21, 2017
ancient-warfare-3-windows-64bit-demo.zip 125 MB
Version 15 Oct 21, 2017
ancient-warfare-3-windows-32bit-demo.zip 123 MB
Version 15 Oct 21, 2017
ancient-warfare-3-osx-universal-demo.zip 140 MB
Version 15 Oct 21, 2017
ancient-warfare-3-linux-universal-demo.zip 143 MB
Version 15 Oct 21, 2017


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ye keep up the good work my german duder.


I think I am the only one that comments at your status updates,I really like the game,keep up the good work.


I know there was a thing where you could test wheapones,it was locked and now it is gone,can you add it back?


You lisened to me!!:D

I really wait for the level bundless

I would Really like to see stuff like JEEPS,MOTOBIKES AND EDITABLE SIGNS