Update 14

The 14th update is here!

If you are using the itch.io app, updates should be applied automatically. If you are using your browser, you have to redownload the game.

New zombies

There are a few new zombies in game:

  • Feral zombie
    • Like the default zombie, but much faster
  • Big zombie
    • A bigger unit with much more health than default units
  • Burned zombie
    • A slow zombie with more damage than the default one
  • Poisoned zombie
    • In addition to the default bite damage, this zombie will cause poison damage

Poison damage

Poison damage is back in game and there will be more units which will cause it in future updates. This type of damage will cause heavy damage at the beginning, but after some time, it will slow down.

Stability improvements

Most of the time in the last two weeks I spend with fixing crashes , hit detection problems and improvements for the save system. Buit don't worry, the save files are 100% compatible between Update 13 and Update 14.

Steam release

I'm still waiting for the final go from Valve, But it should arrive at any second. At the moment, the steam release is planned for December 2017 and I will start to prepare the game for the steam release now. There are still some things to do:

  • Add descriptions for all buildings and equipment
  • Add muzzle flashes
  • Add some more content
  • Add leg armor
  • Improve the unit decissions
    • There are some serious problems, but I want to fix the before the steam release
  • Add a test level bundle
  • Overall polishment and bug fixes


ancient-warfare-3-windows-64bit.zip 125 MB
Version 18 Nov 18, 2017
ancient-warfare-3-windows-32bit.zip 123 MB
Version 18 Nov 18, 2017
ancient-warfare-3-osx-universal.zip 140 MB
Version 18 Nov 18, 2017
ancient-warfare-3-linux-universal.zip 143 MB
Version 19 Nov 18, 2017
ancient-warfare-3-windows-64bit-demo.zip 125 MB
Version 19 Nov 18, 2017
ancient-warfare-3-windows-32bit-demo.zip 123 MB
Version 19 Nov 18, 2017
ancient-warfare-3-osx-universal-demo.zip 140 MB
Version 19 Nov 18, 2017
ancient-warfare-3-linux-universal-demo.zip 143 MB
Version 19 Nov 18, 2017


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is it free

how do I buy the game

(1 edit)

You need a steam account to play the game. Once you have your account, go to the store and search "Ancient Warfare 3." Click download once on the game page and go through all the steps, it should be downloading.


How can i get the update with out buying the game agin cause it wount update agin?

If you have already bought the game, it is linked to your itch.io account. The app should download the updates for you. If that's not working, you can just reinstall the game without any trouble.

Just in case you are using your browser to download games, you have to log in with you itch.io account and you can redownload the game again.

If you have bought the game without an account, check out this link: https://itch.io/docs/buying/already-bought

Okay, Thanks!


Will the one's who have bought the Itch.io version get it on steam for free?



i didnt get my key though or do i just go to it and see if it is free?