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How do you download the custom battle packs it says that there are none available


How do i download

ill give you to thumbs up with this game awesome.


Really cool!!! 

Highly suggest you download

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i cant find the download on steam only the devblog but no download  now i ask f yu wanne post the link to the steam page for download or buy what ever has to be dun to play on steam


can u have more weapons than one??

are u a human??

can u delete objects in custom battle? i have a problem and when i press undo i will have to add everything back again

I am playing Ancient Warfare 2 on a Mac OS and for some reason I can't download and play any of the level bundles. I go onto the level bundles, and at first it says I don't have any bundles, and asks whether I want to download any. So I go to click download, and when I do it says I have already downloaded all available bundles. I'd love it if this game was fixed, as it is a great game and I can't imagine how much better it would be if it had a working campaign.


Playing this game got me pumped!

I have a problem, When I'm at main screen going to custom editor I click on units and then they slide away so I can't see them and it all happens with the armor, Please help.

hello.This game is very fun but i got the bundles and it doesnt show me them.Can you tell me how i get rid of this issue?

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At first this game caught my attention just because i love these types of games. So I gave it a chance. Right after I started playing, I noticed the hilarious whacky physics it has. And than it kicked in with the best music that I have ever heard in any game. It drags you in and does not want you to leave. Like ever!!! Great game. BTW if you liked the video, please subscribe :) it helps a lot! :)

This is my first time playing it:

If you think this is the best music in any game, you haven't played anything made by Paradox Interactive. This music is still good, of course...


This game is painfully silly, but incredibly fun to play. I thought at first it was a bit wibbly wobbly, but after playing a while I realized that I was starting to really enjoy the feel of the game. 

Next Gen gaming over here. 

whenever I start my game.

It work slow and takes time to add unit

pls put another time campaign


why is ancient warfare 3 have to be paid?

Very cool game


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Hello, this a fun little video I made about  the destruction I found in Ancient Warfare 2. Also I regret making this video cause it takes to much storage space.

I Tried Downloading The Level Bundle, BUT IT'S NOT LETTING ME DOWNLOAD IT


How do I get bundles/campaigns? When I press "get more" it says that I already have all the bundles. But I don't have any?


I'm running osx, clean install from today.

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ancient warfare 3 closed alpha 

I sleep

Ancient warfare 3 open alpha coming in 5 months 

Real s**t 

Ancient warfare 3 open alpha coming tomorrow 



It will be released on 1st August 2017. There are some more preparations to do, but that's the date.

real s**t


loook here man it's almost the date. 

That means. 


Really fun game! The only things I'd  like to mention are  : 

1. It's hard to tell when you hit enemies or get hit

2. Ranged weapons are far better than melee.

Other than that though, extremely fun game!


._. Remember that you can throw melee. And they are the best weapon since they deal like insta kill to most units. 

Armor helps u survive projectiles I think

Really Fun! Some issues with the camera though.


how do I play it

how do you play it


G'day lads.

It's been quite a while since I hopped back in to do a video of AW2, so I was pretty excited to try out AW3 earlier today. Needless to say, it's more of the same fun that we know and love but now with a whole slew of guns (and lightsabers) at our disposal.

I know it's not going to be publicly available for a while yet, so I thought I'd share it with those of you that are still waiting for the alpha build to come out on Itch.

Cheers :)

jni just 1 complaint when a map has trees it takes a while to load the map even in lowest graphics settings will that be fixed in ancient warfare 3?

Yes, the whole map loading process will be very fast

so is ancient warfare 2 gonna be completely scrapped and you will focus on ancient warfare 3?

no ancient wafare 3 is a spinoff


where is ancient warfare 3?


It hasn't been released yet

when is a beta or a early test for the public?
ive seen YT videos but I cant find a link.


I will release an alpha version in a few weeks.

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JNI in the devblog when you explained about guns fire does what does "repeating" mean? There is a auto so I guess it's something else And if you seen this a late time click here


Repeating means that you have to do something woth the weapon between two shots. For instance heavy snipers with cylinder locks.

you spelled with wrong. und sorry für die Grammatik Person. Sie übersetzt diese JNI

When I turn around the people I kill die again, and my computer cannot handle massive piles of people dying at once and it makes it impossible to play gladiator arena. Other than that this game is great, and I think it is really fun!

i wish there a lake somewhere to attack or planes with drop mortars

can you add dual wielding :D

I saw people died again when I look back.

Could you fix this bug?


Where is Ancient Warfare 1?

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on his page

where the updates at tho


sadly this game is brocken and wont work but is a great game

Could you give players the option to make guys not destroy towers/walls/ect? Most of the things i like to make would rely on this

(2nd time I asked this)

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