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I really enjoyed this! There's something satisfying about mashing a bunch of AI's against eachother. My only real bit of feedback is that I feel like it would feel better if the animations started in a snappier way, but that's just me.


even if there is room for improvement (which i know you are addressing in ancient warfare 3) you have made an amazing game which has more content then many games that actually cost money!

I think you shouldn't call  Ancient Warfare 3 "Ancient" because there are modern weapons

The focus will still stay on the ancient times. There will be much more content for ancient eras than for today.

Hi JNI! Can you give us a  planned release date for AncientWarfare 3? Thank You!

There is no planned release date at the moment. I will publish a release date when I finished the basic functionality.

Oh, thank you for the reply

Hello! I was very happy that you had a linux version but I can't make it work - it crashes without comments when it tries to open the window. Anyone is making it run on linux?

When do you plan on version 7?

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Nothing. I've started to redevelop the game from scratch.

wow, really? it's very cool! hope there will be better combat system and better ai :)

There will be better combat:

The first devblog is about the combat and the second about the new terrain generation.

JNI, are you allowed to tell me what apps and programs you used to create the game as I would like to know?

Unity engine, Monodevelop for c#, Visual Studio for c++ and xml, Blender for modelling, Paint.NET for icons, GIMP for Textures, Audacity for sound, Trello for planning

thanks, would you ever make like a Napoleonic/ww1 version of game

There will be content from stone age to today

cool, I cant wait

This game is really, really awesome! Hope you don't mind that I made a video on it. And just a thought, for the creation section. Try making the User interface a little more noob friendly, with big flashing buttons and such. This game is very intimidating to start when you really don't know anything that is happening on the screen. And in case you want to check out my video. Keep up the solid work though. This game is amazing!


Many of my levels are either dungeons/labyrinths. The only problem is If I want to add archers they will end up destroying the walls. Can you somehow make an option so that A.I units can't break down walls/towers?

Keep running into a problem. When ever i try starting a game mode other than the create your own battle, it will load part way and then crash. pls help, this game looks like a lot of fun.

Please follow the troubleshooting guide above the comment section in order to get help. Especially the last point with the output log.

Any ides on release date of new game?

Not at the moment. It's far away from release, but I'm working all day and sometimes at night.

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If I can give a little advice :
- Improve ocean batlle (It´s really good) :
- Moving from ship to other ship (swimming, bridges or ropes)
- Better animations and 1st person view (I can´t see to front of player)
- Terrain editing (hills and others)
- Map - half water, half terrain

Thanks, with this improvement will be your game excellent :D

1st person view is already in the game

how do I go in 1st person

Press c

Suggestion) I was wondering if there could be a map where half of it is land and the other half is water so you could have ships vs. castle.

Also, I was wondering how to use the unit spawner as I can't seem to get it to work. When I leave it out on the battle field nothing spawns. If you could just tell me how it works that would be great.

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To the unit spawner:

1. Place a unit spawner

2. Drag select the spawner(Click and hold the left mouse button and drag the rectangle above the spawner, then release the mouse button)

3. A window should pop up.

4. Click the green "+"-Button and select a unit.

5. Add more units or play around with the settings of the window

The game series is not finished yet and maybe I will add ocean/land battles in the future.

Pls Make it able to play on Windows 10 I was very happy when I got the game, then it says my compuiter is wrong version... Plz I really wanna play this game its just awesome! :(

Can you give me a few more details about the message please? Maybe with a screenshot. (Email:

I'm testing and developing the game on windows 10 and all is working fine.

Sorry, My computer cannot screenshot, but it writes just writes that to me:This application is unusable on your softver anymore.

I'm curious on how exactly I can use the unit creator. I tried clicking and pressing random buttons, but other than the data, I had no idea how to do anything. :/ Please help.




it wont let me play the game

fix the wall glitch, the ghost wall prevent troops pass through the "wall"

the one major problem I have ran into is that you can not search by range any more every time I try it glitches out and something I would love to see would to be the fact that units could walk on ships instead of just standing but either than that I love the game and cant wait for the modern update

the unit searcher wont work thogh it worked for me in the past


make better attack and walk animations

two things i think with the ships you should add a ladder up so if you get knocked of you can climb up and you can board and also some ships should have boarding grapples to add a new dynamic to the fight

i have an idea for you: ravenfield + ancient warfare, graphic=SAME

Could use some optimization on the way you aim or attack, it sometimes feel like it does not register some hits, and it is hard to tell when they hit you back, but still, it shows promise and I would like to see how this turns out in the future :)

Did a gameplay video, comment on it if you feel like i can improve on some stuff, and subscribe and like if you please :) Will be following for more on this game.

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My good pal JNI will you stop the gun armed units from moving forward after they shoot, it makes them get shanked. :)

I put them on guard mode btw


ps. make a pack named: MODERN WARFARE, is a combination whit ancient warfare 2 and... 2017! (more gun unit,tank,airplane,submarine...):make ancient whit modern! (or make a 2* game named ancient warfare 3: modern warfare)


They are already working on a modern spin off!

when the update 7 info is avabile?

I'm not working on the game at the moment. I'm working on themodern spin off or Ancient Warfare 3. That's not sure at the moment. Next week I will continue the development of Ancient Warfare 2 to prepare update 7

oh so modern spin off is playable now (beta or something like that) or you have to relase that?

if is arleady relase gimme the link

No there is no beta and there won't be a beta. It will be released when it's finished.

Hello, I'm having the same issues as HappyCamper and Electrocat. I am using the latest Windows version for 64-bit. My PC meets all the specs needed and is a 64 bit computer. I originally used client then uninstalled and downloaded it individual and extracted using WinRar. Any suggestions to fix this?

Can you please send me the output log? The description for that is in the troubleschooting guide.

Here is my output log. Thank you for helping!

Thank you very much! If you don't have created any custom unit, the problem will occur... I will build a hotfix now.

hello jni my problem is like electrocat i tried his fix but still it didn't work

Which version did you use?

hello jni I used the stable windows64bit version

all of the requirements are met

Hi, I have reuploaded the game. Can you try to play it please.

hello jni still it doesn't work when i download it should say but it still says when i downloaded it last time

The display name is wrong because I changed to's refinery system in update 4. You will download the update 6 version. I got an output log with the problem, which I will fix now.

hello jni my only problem now is the troops placement menu wont close but I'm alright even if you don't fix it


thanks for the fix JNI



Could you pls add zonbies?

Make them more like a fantasy unit not like the modern day zombies

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Argh my game is broken... Can you tell me how to fix it? Custom battle creator says that there are 999 units on both sides, and i cant put in any buildings, traps etc. I can put units but its boring without castles and stuff... and it starts with showing me the screen when you have unit spawner and something else! And its pointless to say anything about extracting etc, BECAUSE I ALDREADY DID IT! i got all on my desktop, i aldready did everything you said to others in their comments, and it just does not work.

PS: YES I USED WINRAR! Can you please respond fast i want to play it...And sorry for caps lock if that seemed to be mean. i didnt try to be mean or anything.

EDIT: Okay just figured out that if i run the game in the archive whatever, it works fine. But i have noticed the bug that it always enables bloom and those things when i go back in the game, and i have to turn bloom on and off to get them off...

I can try to reupload the game later. I have tested and extracted the game with winrar. I have none of the problems you descriped.

Maybe there was a problem with because the server is responsable for create the zip file

please add zombies make a survival madoe to P.S. add more level bundles


I have written review for this game: Link

I caaaannnnnnttttttt wait for the spinoff, i love seeing awesome creators like you, make stuff like that. I love to see you grow and grow!

That's nice to hear! I'm working hard tofinish the first release of the modern spin off

Great game had a lot of fun with it! My only hope is that its a little easier to control in future updates.

some things don't starts at 999 units and parts don't work.i extracted the zip file,and it still didn't work.

Which version do you use? I have downloaded the windows files and all was working fine....

I'm using the top one.

It is fully working... How do you extract the game? With winrar? Windows explorer?

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I use Microsoft edge I guess.maybe its 7 zip idk.

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