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Gave this game a try, and its just like other free-to-play games but after a bit of messing around I noticed an apple notification saying "Ancient Warfare 2 would like to have access to all keystrokes on any app" which was quite concerning

it is full version ?

bro, create a YouTube, make a dev log, idk if anyone else would watch but i would

He created a youtube channel called Jni games with information on aw3 updates


the game is good but I have a problem after trying gladiator the game crashed and after this my character will always move forward even the camera too I deleted the game and redownloaded it but it steal dose not work can any one help me with this please


looks like tabs

i cant moev my camera without trowing my wepon but apart from that its good

good game. I tried it while on class and it's already mind blowing

i like this it's just that the camera's a bit annoying but that's ok

I can't download, but i forgot that my wifi is trash right now
Deleted post

this is amazing. essentially low-poly TABS.


Please add first person!


Very nice game 9/10 :)


Only 9/10?





Unable to understand the controls. Attacks happening on left click but unable to get any feedback on whether it is hitting the enemy or not. And feels like everything is very slow. I have RX 580 8GB playing on 1080p.

cool 10000000.000000/10

cool 9 out of 10 

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Nice. 9.9/10

add more sounds

yea like a sound when i hit a mans balls



Very cool. I love this game and addicted

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being addicted to anything is bad

(its a joke)

if someone says they are addicted to a game thats just called being a gamer lol

how do you control a unit?

awesom 9.8/10


Can u put Ancient Wrfare 3 pls i want

i dont nkow how to join the game


 It crashes But good game tho


good geam am not joking i like i


lol 99% of people: "I CANT PLAY LET ME PLAY!" everyone else: "Wow great game!" somebody else : "This is a knock off of tabs."

honestly they were inspired to make a game if you cant play the game:
1. please stop caps/use a keyboard properly

2.tell them politely that something does not work

3.look up what is going wrong

and for the people who like the game: you are not doing anything wrong

but you knock off person: just stop if I could ban you from every single game in existence I would.





big respec





this wont work 




this is a spinoff of tabs

and every battle royale is a spinoff of Fortnut


mine man was frist


reeeeeeeeeee files break


Nice game 8/10




click do not working properly we can't play o-o


Clicks are not working! can't play ! help!


how do i play?!?!?




i cant get?


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