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This game is awesome! The only thing that bothers me is just poor optimalization, And the war elephants should have more health , because when i throw 1 pike the elephant is dead. But, as i said, this game is awesome! I also want to know if you would add a first person mode, so i could just look through the eyes of my own unit :)

I'm glad you like it. Thank you for your feedback. I will optimize the game in the next few weeks. The elephants have much health, but there is just a bug that throwing spears/pikes will kill units directly. And there is already a first person mode on it's way for the next update.


Awesome! I'm glad that you replied to me :) Can't wait for the first person mode :D

Probably a stupid question, but how do you delete troops? Is it just the undo button?

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To delete troops, there is 3 ways :

- Hold your click to select multiple NPC.

- Simply click on 1 NPC and press DEL.

- Press the Undo button if you have done it before a first "play".

The War Elephant is supposed to have 800 Health, so you should not one shot it, even with a spear, and I guess that a first person mode gameplay should be added in the next updates.

Thanks for reporting to JNI

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Please add more Buildings, like can you add castle walls and castle Towers so you can build your own castle? and small enterable village houses, please?

and traps, spike traps, falling stone traps and stuff.

There are more buildings and traps planned after the full release.

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some bugs:

1. if you Place a certain amount of units (100 i Think) everyone walk past eachother, ignoring the enemy and keep Walking.

2. if you Place anything under a Tower and start the battle then go back to custom battle its on the Tower, i dont know if this is supposed to be because its my way to get ballista on to the Towers. if you remove this then please make it so that you can Place ballista on a Tower.

3. if you Place 20 catapult or ballista in a row they fly up into the skies, but glitch number 2 fixes this because if you Place them in the sky then start the battle and then go back into the custom battle they are on the ground again.


Thank you for reporting those issues!

The third one is already fixed and I will fix the other two for the next update, too.

Does any one have trouble getting ride of NPCS? I can't get it to work btw how to get full version


Which trouble do you have with the NPCS ? You cannot get the full version until the official release, in now [5 days 7 hours & 50 min].


I think I have to add some kind of tutorial ingame...


Maybe a "How to play" topic in game, with some picture of the game to show how to do it ?.


Yep, I'm stating to create it now.

for some reason when i go in all that happens is the screen comes up and nothing will work when it is clicked

That could be a unity problem... Which OS do you use?

windows 10

I'm using it, too.,But I have updated the unity engine for the next update, so let's see if it will work after the next update

I just downloaded unity maybe that is the problem

You don't need unity to execute it. That won't solve your issue.

Hey, I tried to download this but it won't take me to the free downloads. It just refreshes the page when I click "Take me to free downloads."
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- Click on "Download now Name your own price"

- No thanks, just take me to the download.

- Choose your version.

I found a bug, Where when you deselect more than 2 Towers One tower gets its Textured messed up!

I noticed it while I was playing, just launch the game your playing, the "missing texture" will dissapear, it will only have to be fixed later.

I already fixed that bug. It will be patched on 6th december. Anyways, thank you for reporting.

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Hello JNI

I just registered on to send that comment on your game, well, I'm a recent user, and I like to download random creator's game to test it, I usually never feedback until I find the game's can be amazing, and when I see, the creator is active on feedback and take note of what of all the testers says, I actually love this game, I saw it far away from the game list, then I Immediatly downloaded it. After playing for hours testing bunch of random fact, I saw a lot of thing that could be changed and I have to test even more the game, I'm about to do a huge feedback about the game, I know that this feedback will probably take some of the other people's idea and feedback, but before that, I've got a request for you, if you could send me the informations down bellow, it would greatly help me to whrite down and create this feedback :

  1. - The health ammout of each unit ?
  2. The damage ammount of each unit ?
  3. The range ammount of each unit ?
  4. The firerate ammount of each unit ?
  5. Is the health of the Horse and the Elephant seperated from the guy who's riding it ?
  6. The health of all the buildings ? ---> ( all wood towers - castle tower - castle wall ect...)

Anyway, I saw that the official release is in 9~ days now, and I really would like from you to upload the very last fixes on it before this, or even, I hope I could finish it fast ._.

Also, if you agree my request up there | I could test what I need to test, to make that feedback, I wish you'll do, and if you want to, send me the details on my Email :


Really thank you for your feedback! It's a good idea to write down all the stats from the units. I will add this information ingame, too. You will receive my email in a few minutes.

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truly an amazing game. really fun to play and I'm very addicted to it! it's the TABS that I always wished for XD

Bit of lag which is expected on some low-ish end devices, but your clean-up system deals perfectly with it! Well done on that! Also, is there a way to deselect troop placement? Right now, the only way I could do it is placing the player and then I can select troops without placing. As well as that, the menu which pops up to enable guard mode which you talked about doesn't appear for me.

Now for an idea (I couldn't resist): How about a custom unit, like with the player equipment, where you can choose what a unit has

Again, awesome game!

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Thank you for your feedback. It's really important.

Deselect troop placement should be the escape key.

The menu won't show even if you select a single unit? It should not show up on siege units, ranged units and buildings.

Yeah, really good idea. I will think about adding this to the game.

To investigate the unit panel problems, I have 3 questions:

> Are you using Mac OS?

> Which screen resolution do you use

> Can you try to place just one melee unit and click on it, that should bring up the menu for sure :D


Thank you!

No. I am not using Mac OS. My screen resolution is 1366 x 768. I also play on fastest graphics. I used several melee units, both red and blue, but the menu did not pop up. Hope this helps!

Yes it's helpful. I will look into it.

  1. Is ranged combat fully implemented or is it still being worked on?As you cannot really aim.
  2. Also is at any point going to be a siege-defence as there is only attack currently(you can still "garrison" in the castle though only the enemies can have a king at the moment)
  3. Another idea would be to add a bodyguard "trait" they will always protect-follow the king and not leave him alone to be sniped easily
  4. And how about stationed troops like in a siege battle i wouldn't want their militia to storm out the castle which leads to the idea of a gate(which someone mentioned)
  5. And last of all have to say I love this game and most games made on unity engine :D

Thank you for your feedback.

1. I'm still working on the ranged weapon and there will be the possibility to aim.

2. I want a gamemode after release, which is something with resapwn, capture, defense...

3. The bodyguard idea is really good, thanks for that!

4. You can select a unit or multiple with the same settings. A small window will show up where you can set the guard mode toggle on.

They won't move to far targets then.

5. Thank you for your words. The unity engine is awesome!


A. Can you please improve the way the character faces and the camera angle?

2. Can you please add a way to fix the error in deleting troops in OS X?

#C. Could you please give "Player" ranged weapons to go with or without the Melee


1. machinegunner- half as much damage and accuraccy but 1.25X range as archer

2. Dog/Bear- attacks any and all animals on sight (animals first, people second) [to combat the OP elephants]

3. Seige Tower- 18 allies, 2 floors (1st floor: 9 swordmen with shields, 2nd floor: 9 Bowmen) add more kinds if ya want

4. Castle Gate- we both know that the castle is WAYYYYY to vulnerable, needs more defense

5. Battering ram- to break said gate (gate first, vehicles second, and people last)

6. Village map- grassland with lots of houses (courtesy of my brother)

7. Sniper- 0.2 shooting speed 5X range, 10X damage, -50% health (compared to archers)

8. Assassin- like unarmed unit, but 10X faster in movement speed and equiped with knife (make it one hit kill, and throwable, 10 extras)


10. Guy throwing potatoes- 100X damage -50% range 100X shooting speed and 1 health [compared to ballistas] (I REALLY FRIKKIN LOVE 'TATOES, its up to you to add this ridiculous character XD)

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Ok, I think I could make the camera angle adjustable.

Yeah I'm working on the problem. But it's difficult to fix without an output log.

You can pick up ranged weapons and I'm working on a new equipment panel at the moment to start a battle with ranged weapons.But I won't add modern weapons, that would fit to the game.The other ideas are really good and I wrote them on my list to choose which I will implement in the new future.

About the problems with deleting units, please answer these questions to help me fixing the bug:

-> After you wanted to delete a unit, will it appear then you press play?

-> Can you select and destroy a single unit?

-> Will the selected unit stay highlighted?

-> Are you using the right key combination? (command + backspace)

-> Can you select the unit you wanted to delete again?

-> Is there a unit which follows the cursor when you are trying to delete a unit?

Thank you for your time!

I will upload a version later. It would be very nice if you can test it then and report wether the bug is fixed.


There appears to be an error with deleting troops where I can't physically delete the troops. Is this a bug or am I just stupid? (I'm selecting and hitting the delete key)

Ok, sounds like there would be an error. I don't know this error and I couldn't recreate it.

What OS are you using?

Can you select the units again, after you pressed the delete button?

Can you send me the "output_log.txt", which should be in the AncientWarfare2_Data folder?

Im using mac OS X, and no i cant keep selecting

It also doesn't appear to have a "output_log.txt" file either...

Ok thank you for reporting this issue. I will look into the problem.



could you make it able so that you can Control crossbows, bows, catapult, elephants and Everything else? Like if you put down a war elephant or ballista you can press "play as" and then you Control the unit? That would be awesome if you could do that.

anyway, Amazing game and keep up the great work!

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Thank you for your feedback. I want the siege weapons to be controllable. Maybe I will add controllable animals after release.


just a side note: maybe you could make a class button in the equipment tab? There you can chose between infantry, ranged, siege and everything else? Just a suggestion so that you don't need to come up with everything yourself :

I will add this feature. Great idea!


thank you


But it is still a really good game <3

Although you should make it to where the dudes cannot get stuck on rocks in tress and stuff

Yeah, I have to find a solution for that problem. The things is, I don't want to add an algorithm like A* to make the AI walk around objects because the game is so minimalistic.

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Um excuse moi but how do you do 1st person in custom battles and how do you get level bundles If you can pls respond thnx

There is no first person mode, just a third person mode. You have to place a player from left flyin.

There are just two test level bundles at the moment. You should find them in the main menu if you click on level bundles.


Seriously addicting, really fun. No glitches, lagless. PERFECT!


Thank you for your feedback! Enjoy playing it.

When is the next Update Going be relesed?

Tomorrow or the day after tomorrow ;)


I found out that in custom battle the red team is always stronger than red, I gave red less troops (15) and blue (20) all pikes and shield, red won please fix this

Thank you for reporting this issue.

I have tested it myself and you are right. I will investigate the problem as soon as possible.


and another question, I seen your devblog when is the next update? I can't wait to test the war elephants and castles so I can help this game out by reporting glitches while having fun on this pretty good game!

The next update will be tomorrow or the day after tomorrow.

Please note that this is just a beta version and just a part of the content is unlocked. (I will unlock something new in the next update)

The full version will release on 6th December.

It's really helpful if you give me feedback. Thanks for that!


There's a bug where your weapon disappears.

Otherwise great game!

Thank you for reporting!

Can you give some details how the bug occurred, so that I can test and fix it?

I have also encountered this problem once. I think it happened when I tried to pick up a weapon when I already had one. I was also using a spear, and possibly tried to pick up another spear. The invisible spear still functioned though and reappeared when I threw it.

Ok that should not happen again because I changed the way how weapons are picked up and despawned.


Hey I'v got some Ideas for some units, Here's a list. And a desc i guess.

1: Dual Wield Swordsman - A unit with 2 swords

2: Assassin - A dagger (Less range) That has 1.5 Speed (Lets say the normal sword/spear have 1 speed. Its the simplest way i could put it)

3: Dwarf - Smaller unit, with different classes eg: Dwarf Speer, Dwarf sword.

4: Knight - Its a Unit but armored, Like its where you hit the armor but does not effect the unit

(Its Kinda Not relistic but yea!)

5: Mage - Ranged unit it has a Staff that summons a Orb that goes above the target then turns it into a mini cloud then A Bolt comes down!

Thats it, I will share with you any thing i come up with, And not on twitter or any thing rather than Itch so other Devs looking for ideas can see this. and maybe take this into there game, =D

Also Nice model for the new Castle. And the OutPost Tower. I like it!


Also with the mage, If your going to do teirs, well the Lower one could just be fire and the Mediam,esc i put before and the elite one Could have a separate name Necromancer (This ability has a time limit) Basicly when every a unit kills one unit then the necromancer would change it to its team but will change color depending on what team, Blue- Purple Red- Orange but if only if its in range Then it would have to wait Like 25sec And it would have a side Ability. Like a Bad one, (Fire or something), =D

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Haha, you are like an idea spam bot.

Thank you, I will implement some of them!

You wish, I just like Talking About my ideas.... Also, I don't honestly do much :(


Hey, So i have a lot of ideas, Again, Sorry, But this May be a lot, And i just wanted to say, Your one of the best Dev's out there, You respond so fast =D others would take like a Month to Respond, Any to the ideas,

Idea 1: So Like i said yesterday, About the Structures and the reinforcement System, I was thinking about the campaign that you announced on IronGames 45's 2nd comment, Where you said the campaign was nearly complete but It would be cool for Custom Maps With structures for the maps instead of the Normal flat maps, Example: The Huge castle with a ton of Houses with A bridge, Talking about it, Is Water going to be added? and if it is, Is it going to be placeable or just like trees, Its going to need a seed for it?

Idea 2: Just incase for Really old Pc's and the game might not run. It would be kinda cool to be a 2d Version of the game where There would be like Ancient warfare 1, Or as a test idea you said when it came out first. Like where there would only be you and about 4-8 Bots versing you, =D Or if you want to keep it the same, Like with allies.

Idea 3: Similar With Idea 2. If you don't like the 2d games inspired by Command and conquer you could do a Bird eye view of the Game! Also, A Map Would be cool! but, How would you even Scripted it?

Just something: I like this game better than Tabs, The fact that you can control Your own unit! Thats epic!

Idea 4/Question: I'v used unity before And the default 'Setting' Involve Shaders, Why are they not enabled, I know their a Fps problem but that's only effects when there's to many Objects in the game!, So could you put a Shader Effect on it? Please? =D

End: Well, I wanted to say Thank you for creating this! It was a Great idea for this game. Sorry if this is kinda harsh but when u started making the game did you have any douts?

There's no need for an apology ;)

Thank you for your compliment!

To idea 1: the campaign is already finished, BUT I will add bridges, houses and other structures to the gamemode you suggested.

I think it would be cool to have some different and interesting maps. I don't know if I want to add water, but other structures will be placeable. At the moment, trees are only in the custom battle editor and they are using a seed like the rocks and the grass.

To idea 2: I already thought about to bring this game to mobile platforms, but it's nearly impossible in terms of performance.

But a 2D version would be quite cool. This is something I would do after the full release of the main game.

To idea 3: A bird view/map would be really easy to code :) I will think about it.

To idea 4: I'm not sure wether I understand you correctly, I'm using the default unity physically based shader and a few custom ones.

I think you want some image effects. This will be the last thing I want to add. I'm not 100% sure if they would fit into the game, but I could at least give the option to enable them.

To the end :D: Thank you! To be honest, as I finished Ancient Warfare 1, I was really unhappy with the result and I thought nobody would play it. But to my surprise it was successful and it has 10000 downloads until now. And I knew I could improve nearly everything. And I started to develop Ancient Warfare 2 and I think I will not regret it :)

Again thank you very much for your great feedback, ideas and inspiration.

You pushed my development these days!

Btw, I changed the units to only cause damage while they are attacking and the wood parts of spears won't cause damage furthermore.

And the first towers are in game. If you have twitter you can follow the development there:

Anyways feel free to contact me again or ask if something is still unclear.


I just noticed that in one of the Pack's You can see some of the locked units, Eg:



Also Nice game, It would be cool if u could place down Structures for the Ai's to walk on, that would be epic =D, But its just a suggestion


Thank you for your feedback. I know that you can actually use locked units in the level packs. (Enjoy it :D)

The idea with the structures is really nice, I may create some destroyable towers for archers and other ranged units.

And I'm working on castles for the siege mode, I could add other stuff, too.

Okay, Is the castle going to be small, or like huge, (Where your units can go inside)


Also another idea, It would be cool for like a some sort of reinforcement system for like a bit a time after a start of a battle Units Appear Or off Men of war Assault squad 2, you have points, theres button were you can press it, then press a part of the screen then units of your choice appear at the end of the map and head towards the point you clicked before on the screen, after that the points will go down for eg: 4 Swords for 250 Points Max 1500?


About the castle size: I think I will add different types from small to large.

The other idea is really cool, it would be a nice spectate gamemode with interaction.

I will take look at this idea, thank you again!

also why are the game packs locked I can only play a costom battle

It's the main game mode. This is just a beta to get feedback, I won't unlock all in a test version.


Hey I'm going to make a video about this game! But I need to know how far are you in development?

Campaign is nearly finished, Gladiator mode is final.

Siege and Conquest need a few improvements and the siege mode is in development right now.

The units are locked, so you can at least see which are in development.

I'm looking forward to see you video!

btw the Spear is locked too


I'm uploading a fix now.


Why you put the Sword & Shield locked?


Oh sorry, it was a mistake.

I had to unlocked all troops again because I added a system to manage different versions and I forgot to unlock Sword & Shield again.

I will reupload it in a few minutes to unlock them ;)


I also noticed that the selection is bugged, it's not selecting where the white box is

Ok, thanks again for reporting.

Do you run the game in full screen mode?

Which resolution do you use?


Yes I use full screen mode and I use 1600x1900 resolution


Ok, I think it's a unity canvas scaling issue because all my values are correct and the selection is working, only the graphics are wrong. I will look into it, but I won't fix that problem until the update tomorrow.


add muskets pls

Yessss! Its sad that the game is focused in the Ancient era, but it would be cool :D

But after adding the ranged weapons I thought it would be awesome to have this game with modern weapons :D


I added hand cannons, they are just not in the beta.


Hey if you put too many units in the game it says red wins instantly, could you fix this?

Oh, thanks for reporting.

Have you played the version with the [Update1] in the name?

Because I thought I have already fixed that bug...

Ok I found the bug and fixed it.

Update next tuesday, earlier is not possible, sorry.

That's fine, Thanks for fixing it!


Great game! Well... I can't play with more than 140 units or my game crash... but thats still good! But i have a question: Why is the cav so weak? Like they get insta-kill from every unit in the game and rarely they kill someone. I would like to see when the cav have pikes (or spears) they would low their spears so they could first hit the enemy :)


Thanks for your feedback! The idea with the spear horses is very good, thanks for that. The game needs some balancing in the next weeks.


I would be cool too a split-screen option like a local multiplayer mode where one player is red and other is a blue (or both blue) :)

Obvious it would take more time so its a better idea to publish the Split-Screen after you tweak the principal stuff.

Good luck with this game :D


Thx! Another great idea, but before I would implement a splitscreen mode, I want to add a lan mode and maybe a real multiplayer.

But as you said, I want to finish and polish the main parts of the game first and then thinks like splitscreen, lan and multiplayer.

If its just lagging try a Smaller resolution, It works for unity, becouse of the 'Camra setting' It only renders what you see, if u do a lower Res, it will have less time spreading the Images. =D

I want to love your game, but for some reason the only thing I can do on the Mac version is the Custom Battle. When is the (Full Release) coming?

The full version will release in about 4-6 weeks.

I'm looking forward to release a beta patch next tuesday(25th October) to fix the bugs of this version.

There won't be much new content because it's just the beta.

In the patch will be:

  • All bugfixes I did until now, like:
    • Units won't attack long ranged enemies
    • No blue horses
    • Many music bugs
    • Shield and weapon bugs
    • much more...
  • The new unit behaviour
  • Better performance
  • Maybe a few of the new units (There are currently 36 different units in development build)

This patch will make the game much more playable!


I like this game, it's fun. It has the stuff I wanted in a game, melee fighting, mini wars with AI and Player controlled fighter, dismemberment that makes sense(not like if you swing a sword at the persons hand, the entire arm comes off) and much more. My only problem is that on Mac, it says to find the delete button to delete units but I couldn't find one so I thought it might be the Delete key on Mac but that didn't work either. So I'm probably either really stupid and couldn't find it or a glitch happened. If you can, can you tell me where to find the Delete button?

First of all: Thank you for your feedback!

I'm using Unity's default input system, so, I don't think it's a glitch...

This image shows the position of the delete key on a default windows keyboard:

This is the key I have used in Unity's input system.

I'm not sure if this is equal to a mac keyboard or how unity will handle this button if it won't exists, but I think a mac computer should at least have some key combination to simulate this key.

Google says that you will have to press the fn-key + delete key(The one with that you will remove text).

The only bug I know: You can't delete units while hovering the UI with your cursor.

I hope this will solve your problem.

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Nice game, but its broken. Could you please make the enemies go after the allies from a longer range. Also could you add crossbows for the player, and armoured units. That would be great!

Yeah I want to add crossbows and bows to the player. The enemy problem is fixed, but not in this beta version, I think I have to upload an update with the fix.

About the armored units: I haven't thought about this idea yet, but I will look into it!


I like but not much like Ancient Warfare 1 style I like more action driven by self, but, okay, each with their tastes: D, do not let the Ancient Warfare 1 Back please :)

(Translated by Google Traductor :V)

Thanks for your feedback. I think it's really difficult to add self driven action, but I'm working on it.

And I will add more Ancient Warfare 1 gameplay, especially in the large campaign.

Ok :D

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I'm back! :v, lets test the game on Linux :D

Cool, please give me some feedback. I can not test it on linux at the moment.


Already a great game but has some major bugs such as the A.I. not attacking each other unless they are like right next to each other. Other than that, a great game and very addictive.

Thanks for your feedback!

Yeah I'm currently working on the AI, the enemies aren't really intelligent...

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