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Ancient Warfare is a low poly third/first person game.

You take control of a small blue unit and fight against the large red empire or you can watch battles of blue vs. red!

You can use different melee weapons and shields to kill your enemies and cut them into pieces.

Create custom battles with the new custom battle editor, choose terrain, conditions, place enemy and allied troops and get ready for heavy battles!

And if you don't want to prepare a battle, let the game create a battle for you!

Play conquest, king of the hill, siege a castle/towers to kill a king or play level bundles.
Much more content and features are on the way!

Update 3 is here(28.01.17)


-> 43 new units (Lords, hoplites, siege weapons, blowdarters, wolves, camels, ...)
-> 6 new buildings
-> 7 new traps
-> New armor, weapons and shields for the player
-> Faster attack controls
-> Level bundles
-> Large terrain option
-> Bug fixes (bouncy weapons, shields and weapons will now stop attack animations)
-> UI resolution fixes
-> Balancing (hwacha 200% damage, hwacha 10% building damage, double bow headshot damage, ...)

Update 4 is here(04.02.17)

-> Important preparations for the first level bundle in 4 days
-> Many bug fixes


In the latest update, the controls can be adjusted in the settings. You can have a look there, to see information about it.

You want to support development?

You can donate a dollar or give me some feedback to support the development.

Anyways, thanks for playing and enjoy!

Ancient Warfare 2 is now on steam greenlight!

Please vote for it, if you like it: Steam Greenlight


You can follow the development here(Weekly devblogs): Devblogs

If you prefer social media, here is my twitter account: Twitter

Or you can write me an email: janniknickel.info@gmail.com


You can use this game to create lets plays and other videos.

But please add the link to the game to support it, this is the only condition.

I would like to see your videos!


You have problems with the game, like crashes or graphical issues?

No problem, here is a small checklist to fix your problems:

  1. Make sure that you extracted the zip file
    1. If you run the game directly in the zip file, it won't work correctly
  2. Make sure that you operating system is supporting the game
    1. You need at least: Windows XP SP2+, Mac OS X 10.8+ or Ubuntu 12.04+
  3. Make sure that your graphic card is supported
    1. Requirements: DX9 (shader model 3.0) or DX11 with feature level 9.3 capabilities.
    2. If you are unsure about that, you can write me an email with your graphic card model and I will check the compatibility for your.
  4. Make sure that you have installed a valid version of direct x on your computer.
  5. Make sure that your graphic driver is up to date

You still need help?

Please write me an email(janniknickel.info@gmail.com) with the output_log.txt, which is in the AncientWarfare2_Data folder, attached to it. I really need the output log to help you with hardware or software compatibilities.


Experimental versions are now live! I will update them at least once a week.

These builds are untested, but have the latest bugfixes and features. Please note that the campaign is not included in experimental builds.

More information

Published140 days ago
StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux
Release date140 days ago
Tags3D, blocks, Destruction, low-poly, Minimalist, Tactical, Third Person, War
Average durationA few minutes
InputsKeyboard, Mouse


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Click download now to get access to the following files:

ancient-warfare-2-win-64bit-stable-update4.zip 44 MB
ancient-warfare-2-win-32bit-stable-update4.zip 42 MB
ancient-warfare-2-osx-universal-stable-update4.zip 57 MB
ancient-warfare-2-linux-universal-stable-update4.zip 58 MB
ancient-warfare-2-win-64bit-experimental.zip 44 MB
ancient-warfare-2-win-32bit-experimental.zip 42 MB
ancient-warfare-2-osx-universal-experimental.zip 57 MB
ancient-warfare-2-linux-universal-experimental.zip 58 MB


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Idea: Downloadable player-made levels and bundles. Sharing and playing epic battles made by other players would be awesome!

I already said this many times, as long as the game is free, I can't buy the required server space.

The game opens for me, shows the title screen then just stays blurred and nothing happens. Can anybody help me?

Please follow the troubleshooting guide above the comments to get help.

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I was wondering how you shoot farther with siege weapons like the bots do. And also it says extra large terrain could only be used for an ocean map. Has that map come out yet and i'm stupid enough not to find it? If it is out, how do I find it?

It's not released yet and the extra large terrain will only be available on direct x11+ gpus.

Hi, I am having some trouble with the game. I can't download The story of lords.

I know there is an issue with the level bubdles on mac, which will be fixed in the next update in a few days.

Okay thx. Your game looks awesome so far. Good job.

(Edited 1 time)

Hello developer.I suggest you to increase the Katana and other weapons damage .Katana damage is 95 because 95 is too low.Why sword has more damage than Katana (100 and 95).Katana has curved blade making it more deadlier,but the sword has straight blade.But there's more,wood stick and farmer's pitchfork (30 and 25) what???Wood stick is blunt pitchfork is sharp,that's weird! Why you add wood stick damage 5 points higher than pitchfork?

Hi, thanks for your feedback. I willddo some balancing when I have time for it. There is just one thing that you should know: Weapons like the katana and the sword will kill with one hit if they will hit a bodypart. They will only cause damage if they hit the armor.So, I think that a sword will deal more damage than a light katana if it hits armor, you know?

Hmmmm,did you mean Katana hits bodypart does more damage than hitting armor?

Yes, because every sharp weapon will cut the bodypart, which will cause the death of the enemy.

Oh,I know that.So Katana and other melee weapons will take less damage to armor?.

I defeat three more lords from the level bundle! The levels are getting very hard and i ended cheesing every second one, but i'm still loving the levels! :)

Thanks for sharing, I really wanted to make the levels a bit difficult

I have linux mint rebecca,how to start the game? I click the 2 file (x86 and x86_64) i can change only the screen but the game not run :(

Can you send me the output_log.txt, which is in the AncientWarfare2_Data directory. I would also like to know which version number your os has.

I found some bugs wile messing around in custom battle:

You can place infinite kings of any color.

Rolling logs can't be placed.

All ground traps can be infinitely overlapped.


those aren't bugs....you might have to be in king vs king mode for you not to spawn a million kings (as it says when you click on the king thing to place one down that it will act as a normal unit without king vs king)

the rolling logs can be placed,you just have to click in the right spot

the ground traps are like units and I'm pretty sure you can stack units too

so really none of these are bugs.

what are the full controlls?

(Edited 1 time)

You can see them in the settings... In addition there is WASD for movement and right mouse to look around in spectate mode.

i have a problem when i open the game it brings me to the main menu but i cant click anything please tell me what to do sorry if this wastes your time mr. game dev i love your game!

Make sure that you have extracted the game. Otherwise I would suggest to redownload it.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1aJz8BmhZ84 my 3D TV vr box video Ancient Warfare2 test stream мой 3д вр бокс тестовый стрим стрим окончен, stream off

For some reason when I have lots of hand cannons fighting against each other they either wont stop walking and never shoot at each other, or the walk past each other and shoot each other, then continue to walk, and so on. Also what's the difference between a camel and a horse, because they seem to act very similar.

I will test the hand cannons problem. Camels have more health and their riders have more attack range than horse riders.


I try out the new Level Bundle! Managed to complete the first few levels and really enjoyed it! :)

Thanks for sharing. I'm glad that you like the bundle.

hey JNI is ancient warfare tower defense a new game your making or is it just a new game mode

It's a small separate minigame.

Need to fix the saving system in custom battle creator on Mac Osx 10.12.3!

(Edited 1 time)

I need more details to help you... What's the problem?

So in custom battle editor, I click save, and the folder browser pop up. And if I click any sub folder inside, It does not respond. So I can not save anything.


I feel like I didn't actually play everything the game had to offer.

Thanks for sharing, I will watch it later. There is very much to play.

Im having trouble with the camera with Mac Os

I need more details to help you... What's the problem?

I can't have a 360 view of the game, I can only go Up,Down;and zoom, I have tried to change the controls, but it does't work

(Edited 2 times)

When I start the game I sit waiting for the main menu and it still doesnt show up.

Edit:I re-installed the game that fixed it.

It happed when I used alt + f4 to exit the game.

That's strange, I will check it. Thanks for your report.

I have a few suggestions for water:

crocodile (doesnt do a lot of damage per bite,but its special thing is what makes it good:trapjaw (bites very very very fast))

alligator (not as strong as the crocodile,but it is much faster then it.it also has trapjaw)

Gator King (stronger then the crocodile,but is slower then it.it has super trapjaw (it bites faster then regular trapjaw by a lot)and it has another special thing:king of gators (spawns alligators and crocodiles every few seconds)

hope you guys like it.

Thanks for your suggestions. I want to add beach battles, too and I think that crocodiles would fit in the biome.

thx! beach battles sound awesome!


I tried out Ancient Warfare 2 before the current update, and I really enjoyed it. I may also make another video with the new updated version.

Here's the video:

Thanks for sharing!

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