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idk i just doble click it and its working for me ;)

press ok in what

i am now 5 pm ??? how long to ublaod the game

Its already :D

windows 7 good

Can't you just press ok or something other to run it?


yea new units will be amazing


yeah ;)

i am windows 10 good :D


i think most of comunity wants fantasy units ;)


So, I think I have to add them :D

hey guys do you know you can add likes to the comments

You have to press the upper arrow left to the profile image


??? idk zitronaut

Windows is Blocking this this normal ? D:


Which windows version do you have?

I tested it on windows 10 and all is working fine

I can start it... but Windows says, it is a risiko :/ ...but okay, i trust you :)

ok JNI

umm toras080 we post the same idea in the same time lol


0-0 bro can you make something fly or tank


There will be modern spin off with something like that

i think you should add flying units like grifin or dragon and i think it would be cool to be able to ride them

I'm not sure wether I should add fantasy units. But I will think about it.

I am back


I feel so happy cuz I am now talking to the man who creat this game

I think it's important to talk with the players to get feedback.

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Eheh, you can, he means, this is kind of rare to see devs who anwser to questions & feedback.


Hello! I am Polish and I set up an account just so sorry for my English because all the texts that are part of the Google Translator ;D

So I would propose amendments, and I would like to add something back:

1. Any cavalry may have to be strengthened or not so that one hit you and the horse dies only that they are strengthened, have more hit points,

2. Buildings are too weak or you would need to be strengthened

3. Units are terribly sluggish cool if enough of them to add dynamics

4. If you somehow added to the cavalry charge would be FANTASTIC!

-5. Oh units are too dynamic XD As a preventive recall

6. A units and in my opinion should defend a shield, sword and should have a mind of its own that is not going on with full power to other units only have to be separated for instance, and the like.

I guess it's all thanks for your attention!

Thank you for your feedback. I will improve/add many things to the game soon. So thank you for your suggestions!


I rate 5 stars


thanks for this game its awesome i realy like it and i like the thing its free

Glad you like it. I want this game to be available for everyone!

ok thx bro

wait are the game free???

Yes it is

ok bro just tell us how to download it after you upload it and I love this game but can you make the player ride things like horses and stuff like that

There is much more stuff comming to this game soon. And yes, you will be able to ride horses and elephants!

You can download the full release now on this site.

Full relise geht nicht (404)

The official time is 5pm UTC. So keep calm and wait until I post the full release, please.

Full relise geht nicht (404)

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I must download the game again???

Keep calm, the full release will take some time to upload, I will post when it's ready

guys how to download the full release


The full release of the game will be realased at 5PM UTC time. Please wait for it.

the page for full rl is not work


The full release of the game will be realased at 5PM UTC time. Please wait for it.

the page for full release is 404


The full release of the game will be realased at 5PM UTC time. Please wait for it.


I got some ideas for the game! hope these features come very soon..

1. Standby - a feature that should make your troops or the enemies to standby/remain in their place. ( Good for making a roleplay like defend or ambush roleplay).

2. Health Indicator - a feature that when you look at your allies you see their remaining health.

3. More Locations - add some new locations like Swamp Land where the walking speed is decreased, Towns where theres already soldiers and your just gonna raid them.

4. Vikings - a unit that carry deadly axe and round shield, should have alot of health that acts like though defense.

5. Monsters - the game should have monsters too! like Huge bugs and Spiders, minotaurs and undead horsemens like those

I run out of ideas....seriously?!! :v i will post more in the future.... even though those feature are kinda hard to code or add.. ill wait for them... if theyre not added, its ok.. maybe theyre not really suited for the game. :D


Hey, thank your for your ideas!

To 1: This will be in the full release. You will be able to change the behaviour of a selected unit.

To 2: Interesting idea, but the health is quite unrelevant because most weapons are one hit.

To 3. Already on my long term list, there will be more biomes.

To 4 + 5: I'm still not sure wether I want to add mosters/fantasy units to the game, but I write any suggestion on my list to decide that later.


Very hyped for the full release!!!

Awesome game here are some of my ideas:

1. Add the Ability to use bows or ride on horseback/elephants

2.Be able to customize your character/units

3.Add a Chariot

4.Add Spawners (The player can modify the spawner they placed Ex: how many units it spawns per minute, max units it spawns etc...)

5.Add squads (Ex: a squad of 4 will stay together and follow their leader) or add batallions (You get to be the leader or another unit)

Hey, I'm glad you like it.

I will add the possibility to ride animals later.

In the full release you will be able to use ranged weapons and siege weapons.

Chariots are on my long term list.

4 and 5 are good ideas, I've added them to my long term list.

Ok, also I think that you can place an ally king in siege or make a gamemode called defense

In 5 hours, I will publish the full release with all content unlocked.
The links will stay the same, I will just update the builds.
The full release doesn't mean the end of development. It's the big start!
There are many things I want to add and to improve:
->Optimize the game
->Controller support
->Adjustable keys
->More biomes/buildings/units
->Special knights
->Ingame rewards(special weapons/decorations)
->Procedural battles
->2 or 3 new gamemodes
->Level bundles
So stay tuned, there is much stuff on the way.
The game will stay free(pay what you want). Big thanks to those, who donated! You guys really support my work. And also thanks to those, who reported bugs and suggested features that I might bring to the game in the near future.
Happy Playing




The game will be publushed at 5 PM --> UTC <-- so not now , in 4 hours ! Stay alive !

I think it will be earlier, but definitely before 5pm UTC

I cannot play full release

It isn't released yet. Today, 5pm UTC is the full release.

it seems like a good game but wont work maybe cuz of my pc being vista if so can u pls make it that it works on it too

Hello cocolain, this is a real good game, trust me on this point.

Vista is like a kind of Windows, did you try to download the two windows versions yet ? It could works.

Yes all but none of them work been trying all day

You need Windows xp sp2 or higher to run it.

You can try to install the latest .net version for windows vista


Great game, and I have some ideas and problems for you.

1. I can't delete units, even when selected. I am on a Mac OS.

2. Add enterable houses like another comment said, and make a village defense/assault mode where if all houses are destroyed, you lose/win.

3. I think an axe + shield guy would be good, and make the shield round like a viking if you add this.

4. Defense siege where you defend the king.

5. Controls editing, my mouse doesn't let me right and left click at the same time because it is terrible, and I can't throw things because of it. Maybe add an option to make it toggle with right click.

Keep up the good work mate!

Thank you for your feedback!

The bug should be fixed with the next update in 10 hours.

The rest is all on my lomg term list. Don't worry, adjustable keys will come really soon after full release.

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And in addition, the axe + shield guy do already exist, aswell as the siege mode, which allow you to defeat a king you placed (red king).

Deleted post

Hello Fappymeals ! I Thanks you for enjoying his game. I'm not JNI, but I will still anwser to you.

- Well, the lagg occured while playing depend of what you do with the game, some units are laggy when placed in numbers, like catapult, ballistas, war elephant, and do not forget that you can play the game at reduced graphics : you can reduce them in the launcher.

- JNI will of cours continue the updates after the officien release, the best is still yet to come.

- Arrows and volt moves pretty fast, if you have a small screen, you can down the game's slow to see the projectiles flying, sometimes, it is just hard to see bolt for me as well, they are just fast.


And I will of course optimize the game after full release to allow larger battles.

how did you control war in budles, turn into first person ?

One bundle is just to spectate. The first person mode will be added tomorrow, so you can't use it right now.

omg!! first person mode??!! that would be a cool perspective for the game itself!! :D

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