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this is a spinoff of tabs


reeeeeeeeeee files break


Nice game 8/10




click do not working properly we can't play o-o


Clicks are not working! can't play ! help!


how do i play?!?!?




i cant get?





I love this game


Great game! still waiting for number 3 though. It's on steam but not here.


I cant play any of the level bundles it says that i have downloaded them all but i haven't downloaded any of them

hi JNI, i don't know how to extract it. i am on mac. it always crush when a red is killed by a blue or a blue killed a red

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a vid about this game, i found it on youtube

yes this is baronvongamez he is a nice YT watch him (if they want to be known as him/he)

it is a bit slow and sometimes quit for no reason:(


hi on linux when i click something it doesnt open like when i click the settings it doesnt open when i click

Right click, go to proprieties, permissions and check "allow to run as a program". It should work


i try cliking but nothing i even put it run as program

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my os is linux mint 19 


I believe I have found as issue with this game on the Macintosh. You see, every time you play the game, as soon as somebody dies, it immediately crashes. Please tel me how to fix this problem or if it cannot be fixed, please fix this issue. Yes, I know you are working on Ancient Warfare 3, but it would really help people like mew don't want to buy the game. I enjoy this game and it being free and all, but this problem must be fixed for Macintosh users such as I. :)

Make sure that you extracted the zip file

  1. If you run the game directly in the zip file, it won't work correctly

I will try it


i like this game i think he likes TABS the game


how to mod this gam


pls add Anti-alaising and i got two crash reports where can i send you?

I REALLY like it 

nice game good fps 

good blocks good pixels

good game 

great game


suck cunt

Fun Game Loved It Intresting Concept :DDD

i wish i could turn the camera in the game

you can its right click

This is a pretty good game :)


nice game

how do I get it


how do i play this?

hi how I get this

where is Ancient Warfare 3??


It costs money but I think its on steam


so im seein a pattern ive played the game on windows it was by far i would say pretty good, but i was playin on lunx and it wouldnt work and on mac it would alot of the times not open, so my opinion is simple, if you could fix some files for other users that dont have windows the game would just be simply perfect...


the game won't open...


the game wont open


i do not even know how to start playing like what do you have to press to be able to play someone plz tell me i really want to play i am grounded and i can only get on my computer so yea if someone could plz tell me how to start playing plz tell me.


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