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I had a lot of fun playing this game!


Yeah, really nice video :D

thank you :)

Does it update automatically?

No, it will be a complete different game. I started a redevelopment and it will be called 'Ancient Warfare 2'.

I mean things like regular patch updates, etc

This prototype won't be updated, patched or anything else. It will stay like it is. This prototype was created to test out an idea.

The main game, will get automatic updates and patches after it's finished.

Btw, I'm planning to release a beta, if the game mechanics will work fine. I hope this is what you wanted to know.

thx man! Is the beta free? Is the full game going to cost anything? If it costs something, is it going to be free for people who tested it?

Question 1: The beta fill be free for all.

Question 2: Not sure about this... I think it will cost a bit, but not much, because it's not easy to develop without income.

Question 3: Yes, a few people will get a free copy to test, write reviews or make a youtube video.


Add put up with catapults, perhaps one or two bots to join you against enemies, this game has great potential to be a success, so, I wish you luck with this great game :D

(Translated by Google Translator xD)

Thanks for your words, I'm planning to add friendly units to support you and large battles with catapults and other siege equipment. There will be a siege mode for that.

Lol I was just about to suggest that (siege weapons)


The game in Linux is very good :D, i like this game.

Good to hear that, it's difficult to test on all platforms.


Achilles used to be an adventurer like you, but then he took an arrow to the heel.



Haha, cool name dude :)


Lol I made that account up so I could get to the comments section again so I could favorite this page XD


This is so sick

Maybe you should add something like a TABS mode, where you pit 2 armies against each other and then you can take control of something at will

Also, some unit suggestions: crossbow (like archer, more powerful, slow reload, maybe go through shields), maybe some horseback units

Cant wait to see what happens!


Wow, great ideas! I can't wait to finish the development, I think it will be awesome


Thx bro I can't wait too

Thx bro i can't wait too


keep developing the game i love the art of it and the stile of it please ad dismemberment and blood and ability do place your army!if you want contact me on i have some ideas that can make this game very very veryyy goood even better that it is right now!

Cool, I will write you an email later after work.


This game had me dieing of laughter I couldnt stop..


I love the concept of the game, it's just like T.A.B.S.

Also you get to control the guy? EVEN BETTER!

11/10 Would recommend.

Wait for the second part, I've already set up a ragdoll system and dismemberment. There will also be some environment objects, procedural battles...

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I'm suppose to extract the .rar file with Winrar, right? cuz i can't seem to find the file to start the game.

And why not just use .zip files?

Yes you have to extract it with winrar or 7zip.

Zip is old and .rar is newer. I don't understand the problems with rar files. Most downloads are in rar format.

But to start the game i have to open what file?

On windows you have to start the AncientWarfare.exe

It should be there after extracting the rar

Re-downloading fixed it :)

Thats good. Enjoy playing it!

how do you exract it?

Thanks dude!

Ok. So the other agames that I download are .exe. I think it keeps downloading incorrectly because it's a .rar file. My computer doesn't have anything to properly open .rar files

Ah now I unterstand your problem. You can use freeware, like 7zip to extract rar files.

Nearly anything you download today is a rar file.


Tried on Linux 64bit on Arch,I only played few missions, it works great! the game look promising!

Thanks for your positive feedback!

I'm currently developing it and it's awesome.

I tried to download the game on windows, and I tried to change how it opens the file, but when I do I can't do anything to open the game. Sorry if this sounds confusing, by the way.

Yes it sounds confusing, but if I understood you right, you changed the default program for .exe files? Please correct me if understood wrong, but thats the only thing I can imagine you have changed. If I am wrong, please give me little bit more details about what is exactly happening when you will try to open the game.

To fix it you can open cmd with admin rights and type in:

assoc .exe=exefile

in case that the command won't fix it, you can try to edit the registry as explained here:

I want to play it, but it keeps downloading to media player.

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On which platform are you trying to play and what do you mean with media player?

Yes! this is good game! I felt like a hero! and was little sorry to my little character everytime he died :D

Yeah the character is somehow cute :D

Deleted 236 days ago

Thanks for your feedback! Yesterday I started to develop a second part (with more time than a few hours :D) and I will change the movement because it's to difficult to fight against enemies behind the player.


This game is AWESOME!!!
Realy enjoyed playing it :)

Glad to hear that!


This game looks awesome! Is there any chance you'd be building this for Mac?

I've added a Mac build for you. Please note that it's untested.

If something won't work as expected, feel free to report it.

I tried to open it, but my mac doesn't support .rar files

I did not know that, I will reupload it after work (8-9 hours from now)

Does Mac support .zip files? I've read that it can open it without the default file explorer.


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Zip version added.

Thanks! Works great on my computer! I love how it's physics based - kind of reminds me of totally accurate battle simulator. Great job!

Thanks for your positive feedback. I'm not 100% happy with the physics but I'm pretty sure I can improve that, when I find some time.

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