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Why theres not Ancient warfare 3 :( 

Highly recommend

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this was posted in 2021 gonna try this game

i have aw3 so this is old news




are you stuipid?




the game needs an improvement, but it has everything to if a game fuck

How do I Deselect  troops?  cos I cant Select a troop when I have a troop in my hands...


still wish you put more time into this game JNI will now it,s here rotting away




cant wait

Is there a way to do multiplayer to build a army of blue guys?

In the first part you can't. In the second, you can have allied units, but there is no real multiplayer

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Good old times... thank you for sharing you video, I will watch it later ;)

you have ben baned on youtube? 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣


jni this game is amazing and I cant wait for level bundles and I hope you add a second campaign or more levels. I think this game has a lot more potential and you as a developer can make other great games as well.


I'm glad that you like the game, there will be more content and features soon. And yes, there will be a second campaign in the level bundles.

how do i fix this game or play becouse when i click start it only shows the back ground and nothing else

Hey. Most problems are caused because people don't extract the zip file before running the game. So please make sure that you are doing that right. If your problem does still exists, please send me an email ( with the output_log.txt, which is in the AncientWarfare2_Data folder, attached. This helps me to help you with your problem.



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One of the best games ever :) I am waiting for the next update ;)

Thank you for sharing! I will watch it later.




but more good

um when i go to the level bundles nothing shows up and i click level bundles and nothing happens

Which platform do you use?

how do you get in the game

Open the game > Click Play > Click Custom Battle Editor

>Left flyin > Click place player > Right flyin > Place enemies

>Click the play button top of the screen in the grey bar

If you don't know how to open the game, you have to extract the zip file first. After thateexecute the exe in the extracted directoy.



I was looking around trying to find something worthy to play and I think I'm in the right place for that! I tested this yesterday and it is pretty good!

Thank you for reading,also for making this game.

Thank you for your words, they are very motivating!


I like the improvements you have made the progress is super fast man.

Thanks for playing and you feedback! Btw I released a beta patch to fix most of the bugs and add some new content (not all)

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Earlier than expected: Ancient Warfare 2 open Beta starts now!

Ancient Warfare 2 Beta

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Thank you for your words, this is what keeps me developing!

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Yep, it's on my list ;)


Hilarious game! I love this!

I really think you need to add a moving camera and maybe a better handswinging motion.

But apart from that it was GREAT! i loved it! :) Here is my little video :P

P.S. You can actually run around all the enemy's and just finish the levels without attacking anyone.

Thanks for playing and your constructive feedback!

My pleasure!

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This is awesome game and i had lots of fun playing it! Can't wait for Ancient Warfare 2 to come out!

Thanks for playing! 5th october will the a beta.

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Thanks for playing! A polished version is on the way (5th October)


This game is really fun i really had good time! this game has a lot of potential if you ask me ! Keep on going guys ! look foward Ancient Warfare 2 Open Beta ! but if you guys enjoy some game-play footage ! check out my video on it, i do all sort of Indie games and many more ! so if u like it please hit the like and subscribe button !

Thanks for playing! Your voice is really nice :D

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Ancient Warfare 2 open beta will start on 5th October 2016!


I love this game, can't wait to finish it!

Good to hear, enjoy it!


Haven't finished it yet but here is the first episode:

I'm having a lot of fun in it so far

Awesome! Thanks for playing.


Check out my gameplay video its basically a custom battle generator it would be cool to add some other stuffe that they can shoot like pellets.

Haha way to much troops :D

the zip dosent work so i cant play the game :(

how do you unpack it?

what do you open the rar file with?

You can unpack rar files with any extracting software of your choise and the mac os file explorer should be able to extract zip files.

Just google for mac os rar extractor or mac os open zip file. I'm sure you will solve it.

how do you unpack it? and i dont have a mac

Oh, I though so because you said .zip. The windows download is a .rar file. You can use freeware like 7zip to extract rar files. Or winrar, but it's a shareware

is there any other way to unpack it? and could you add a zip verison

is there any other way to unpack it if not please make a zip version


For such a basic game (in its current state), this was definitely fun and has a ton of potential! Excited to keep up with it :)


Thanks for playing it and for your good words!

No worries bud :)


Really enjoyed this game.

Thanks for playing!


Could you please add an alternative download? It seems that the 64 bit.rar wont work for me, or any of the downloads for that matter. It may just be a problem on my side, so could you please add it?

Sorry, but it's not possible, because I don't have a high bandwidth and all large uploads will fail after a few megabytes.

I can only upload files from somewhere else (not at home). The next possible date to upload something is 27th September.

Do you use the app or browser? If browser, which one do you use?

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