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Ancient Warfare TD is a tower defense version of Ancient Warfare.

You will build the defense to keep the red kingdom away from your castle. Every round, the enemies are getting harder. But be careful! Once you started the next round, you won't be able to build new units until the round has ended.

Every building has four levels to upgrade and if that is not enough to stop the red guys, you can drop spells on them.

You will get coins for each unit you kill and after every round.

-Archer tower
-Crossbow tower
-Magical tower
-Ice tower
-Fire tower

-Light armored
-Medium armored
-Heavy armored

Play Ancient Warfare 2 here

If you want to follow my development, you can visit my twitter profile or read my weekly devblogs.

Programming: Jannik Nickel

Modelling: Jannik Nickel & Lukas Nickel

Music: Ross Bugden

More information

Published40 days ago
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux
Release date37 days ago
Tags3D, blocks, Casual, low-poly, Medieval, Minimalist, Tactical, Tower Defense, Turn-based, War
Average durationAbout a half-hour
InputsKeyboard, Mouse


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ancient-warfare-td-linux-universal.zip 42 MB


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well JNI how long am i banned for

hey JNI way can,t i comment in ancient warfare 2

You are banned because your language was offensive...


This game was a ton of fun, can't wait for more stuff to be added to this :)

hey JNI you thx for another amazing game

JNI, youve done it again!

hey, I love your games, I play them on youtube too. . . but this game is a little. . . well it needs some big changes, I don't think it is possible to lose. . . here I am, level 100 with a few fire towers and some Hwacha. I recommend upping the price for Hwacha by a lot, after all, I do believe it to be the best tower in the game, another thing is the enemy spawn density, they spawn almost one at a time and that makes them easier to kill. also, you could make it possible to spawn multiple waves at a time, and a speed up button. . . I do love this game and would be disappointed if you do not keep up with it.

Thank you for reading, here is my youtube channel, I played ancient warfare 2 on it


try changing the amount of coins you start with

i did, but then it is only hard for like 3 minutes. . .


2 out of 45 vids done! All kidding aside, got another phresh video to check out. I said I would spam even harder and so I did haha.


BASICALLY I spam the shit out of fire mage towers, and then watch as they all rave like a bunch of groovy hooligans. Had a lot of funny moments and I enjoyed the game. Look forward to my next videos where I spam even harder! See ya'll in the next 45 videos on this game!

Dude, this is an awesome little minigame! Really enjoyed playing it and had a great time!

Thanks for sharing, I will watch it later.

UMM JNI are this is like arcane warfare 3???

No, there won't be Ancient Warfare 3. It's a minigame with some content which will come to Ancient Warfare 2 soon.


another ancient warfare last year ancient warfare 1 then ancient warfare 2 and the most defense the game ancient warfare TD

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But this is just a small minigame. There won't be any further development work. The main project is still ancient warfare 2.


dont worry dude am still love your game this is the best tower defense ever better than monster mash tower defense its so boring then i found your game its really cool thanks love this please make a ancient warfare 3 please JNI I love this game

Thanks for your kind words. At the moment is looks like that I won't create ancient warfare 3. The modern spin off should be the last part of the series, but I will continue the development of Ancient Warfare 2


dude i share your game to my friends so they will make fun in your game i did upload my image in facebook so everybody saw i playing a ancient warfare 2