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i have aw3 so this is old news





the game needs an improvement, but it has everything to if a game fuck

How do I Deselect  troops?  cos I cant Select a troop when I have a troop in my hands...


still wish you put more time into this game JNI will now it,s here rotting away




cant wait

Is there a way to do multiplayer to build a army of blue guys?

In the first part you can't. In the second, you can have allied units, but there is no real multiplayer


Since everybody's posting AW2 stuff, here's some good old actually this game gameplay. :)

Good old times... thank you for sharing you video, I will watch it later ;)


jni this game is amazing and I cant wait for level bundles and I hope you add a second campaign or more levels. I think this game has a lot more potential and you as a developer can make other great games as well.


I'm glad that you like the game, there will be more content and features soon. And yes, there will be a second campaign in the level bundles.

how do i fix this game or play becouse when i click start it only shows the back ground and nothing else

Hey. Most problems are caused because people don't extract the zip file before running the game. So please make sure that you are doing that right. If your problem does still exists, please send me an email ( with the output_log.txt, which is in the AncientWarfare2_Data folder, attached. This helps me to help you with your problem.



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One of the best games ever :) I am waiting for the next update ;)

Thank you for sharing! I will watch it later.




but more good

um when i go to the level bundles nothing shows up and i click level bundles and nothing happens

Which platform do you use?

how do you get in the game

Open the game > Click Play > Click Custom Battle Editor

>Left flyin > Click place player > Right flyin > Place enemies

>Click the play button top of the screen in the grey bar

If you don't know how to open the game, you have to extract the zip file first. After thateexecute the exe in the extracted directoy.

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